In meinem RZ-Forum gibt es eine Ansammlung verschiedener Informationen, z.B. Vintage-Felle und zugehörige Rassen, die Geschenke für die Trophäen und Links zu weiteren nützlichen Foren.

225/356 Divines
2/5 Legendary Horses
12/32 Chimeras
1/26 Wild Horses
2/5 Pet Horses

Completed: Falabella, Falacorns, Pastries, Prehistorics, Chinese, Reindeers, Seasons, Tales of Etria, Celtics, Water, Zodiacs, Winds, Grails, Zonkeymily

About Me

Music; Nightcore, Japanese/Korean stuff, Anime related songs/raps
Watching; Anime, AMVs, Animations/Animatics, Let’s Plays
Reading; Fanfiction, Manga/Manhwa/Webtoons, the occasional book (thriller, supernatural, comedy)
Misc.; he/they, Fanfiction writer, enjoys fictional villains, preferred language is English, procrastinating on everything, favourite animals; bunnies/frogs/hognose snakes, favourite sports; basketball/badminton, favourite pizza toppings; tuna/bell pepper
Howrse: Special Horse collector, zero money investment and proud of it, hoarding passes/Equus, missing the pretty trophies, #StopRuiningEvents, mixed feelings about the Olymp (especially with it continually being nerfed)

“The world where the result devours the cause, and the cause devours the result. The world where all possibilities exist, and the individual possibilities support and maintain each other. A perfect, immortal epic where a story manufactures a story all on its own.”
― Singshong (싱숑)